Why Do I Get Laughed At

Ever since gardeschool Ive been made fun of I used to get jumped from 2nd-4th grade it got so bad. I didnt do sports I was smaller and chubby played an instrument and wore big glasses but wasnt the only one like that but was the only one jumped.

Why in middle school did it all come back too me, 7th grade the teachers did it too so I had to homeschool half way thru and start a new school next year.

8th grade I looked normal, I was skinny and now did sports, and had a lot of friends.

In 9th grade they started to throw food at me and target me during class but no one cared or tried to stop them not even my friends, then why is it that finally stand up for myself and throw one into a locker he tells and I get in trouble?

And now at this age I have a mohawk I know thats weird but where do people get off to tell me how Im aloud to look? No one will aproach me one on one so why do they feel the need to team up Ive tried to be there friends and have tons of other friends. So what is it that makes me a target....

Colten234 Colten234
2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

I think you need supportive friends, not your current so-called friends.

Well you were a chubby band geek nerd. That could do it