But I Kinda Know Why They Do....... =[

** First off, NO, I don't DESERVE it! The reason I think it's so easy for people to lie & hurt me is because I never suspect it. My taste in friends has not always been good, I have tended towards the ones that are users, &/or abusers. I can be very naive as well. Quick to believe you when you say you're my friend, you were at home all night, the phone must be dead, stuff like that. I've lent money, never to be seen again. I've lent out DVDs, Games, CDs, etc........never to be seen again. But no one can say I don't learn from my mistakes (Shane being the exception)..... I don't lend anything anymore. My phone number isn't given out, & if I lend money, I assume I'll never see it again. Of course, right now I'm more likely to be the one asking........if I were that kind of person....Which I'm not! Although... If anyone is in the market for a charity...I could really use a laptop. Mahahahahaha!!!!! ;-] Then, couldn't we all? Heehee!!

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1 Response Mar 22, 2009