Tired Of Being Used

Where do I start?  I started writing to my best friends nephew while he was in prison. (hey that should of been my first clue! dont pick up men in prison). We wrote back and forth to each other for almost a year. I cant even tell you how excited I was each and every time I got a letter. I would watch for the mailman. I treasured those letters, they meant so much to me! I even went to see him 2 seperate times, a 3-4 hour drive one way! But it was all worth it to me. I loved him. I picked him up the day he was released. I was so excited. He came home with me and we decided he should just stay with me. So, I cleaned out space in my closet, emptied a few drawers, and he moved in.  I didnt push him at first to get a job. I let him become adjusted to being "free". Things seemed to be moving at a nice pace. We got along well, we laughed.

Five months later, his exgirlfriend dumped his two little kids (ages 2 and 3) off at my house. She took off to California, with no return date. So, now im supporting Him and his kids.  The oldest boy was horrible. He destroyed my house basically. And just so you know, he wasnt even my boyfriends son! REALLY!  So, we took care of these two kids for 2 1/2 months. Their mother finally showed up, after partying it up and accomplishing nothing (except maybe getting an STD) in California.  By this time I had had it. And I told my boyfriend that he needed to get a job ( 7months of sponging off of me) and that his "son" was not allowed in MY house ever again. 

Well, 2 weeks later, He left me for her. really.  My sister tells me that I was just too good for him. He needed to be with someone more his equal (low class white trash).  Im hurt still through all this. It makes me never want to help people, I always seem to be taken advantage of. Im sick of men taking advantage of me!

thanks for letting me vent!

darkskye darkskye
36-40, F
Jan 13, 2010