My Lair Friend...

I have...wait thats not right...I'll start over....
I used to have a friend that is a compulsive liar. As of late I can no longer tolerate any word she says. I didn't want to be rude & bicker or fuss with her. So I just tried to avoid her, since I work shift work it was easy. Some of her blatant lies include famous people, she hangs out with every rockstar known. So she says...yet whenever I'm around, no one jaw dropping calls or walks in the door. HUMPH.... how bout that? So why didn't I ever call her bluff, when I knew all along she made up stories? Well, I just thought keep the peace is better than rocking the boat. Untill now, her latest lie has just absolutely ended our friendship, she tells me she is terminally ill, she says she is called in, no cure, no treatment & the guilt she laid on have been a bad hurt my feelings...I'm dieing & you hurt my feelings....those were her exact words. Yet here we are 2 months later & she is online on a social network site no mention of being terminally ill. My (real) friends & family thinks she told me this story to get me to come out & take care of be a nursemaid or something, as if I should just drop my kids, job & life to move to L.A & take care of her. Well I think let her rockstar pals (yea right) do that!!!

Whew got that out...thanks for reading my vented's been bothering me for sometime!
madwifey madwifey
Jul 11, 2010