Narrow Mindedness

Is the disease of today in my opinion! Most people are obese not due to choice, it's usually medical or psychological, it doesn't matter however, what their reasons for it are. They should not have to explain why they are obese to anybody at all, slim people don't have to explain away their svelte figures do they? I can't actually recall hearing a slim person telling someone 'Oh I'm skinny because I'm lucky and have good genes'. Obese people at the end of the day are PEOPLE like everybody else and have FEELINGS like everybody else in this world, nobody has a right to be judgemental. The word Obese is slung about like most curse words are. It annoys me so much!
LauraNorder LauraNorder
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 18, 2010

Well said! Also...I like your hat :)