Disclaimer: Baring My Soul...Could Get Messy.

You don't know what it means to me, knowing this group exists.  I have heard so many cruel things said about the obese and sometimes they are because people are concerned.  But if they only knew the heartbreak and loneliness that someone who is obese goes through they would understand that it is not simply a matter of eating fewer calories or walking more. Obesity can have many reasons, some are medical, a product of multi-billion dollar food industry marketing or living in a industrialized country with cheap calorie dense food and a consumer culture.

But for many it starts out as a simple vice that was used to fill a void and than became learned behavior that is very difficult to break. This is especially true if the same issues that caused this vice still exist. By the time you figure out that the weight is a symptom not the cause, the emotional devastation the obesity caused is another emotional hurdle to overcome.

I know that their will be some that will criticize my views but we all have vices. They are just a crutch used, an imbalance, like someone who amasses large debt because they find relief in shopping, finds relief by having excessive sexual encounters or someone who smokes or any other way that humans are given to excess.  I do strive for balance every day but I've succumbed to depression, have given up a times and yes indulged my vice.  It seems unfair, though, to judge me harshly because you can see the result of my imbalance, my vice. After all, I'm still a human being I try to be my best, to be kind and compassionate but in my humanity I have frailties just like everyone else.
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great points with the debt and smoking. your so right, obesity can be clearly seen, but someone in massive amounts of debt, cannot be judged for their appearance.

fat people are beautiful too,you dont have to be a size 8 to be beautiful.Some of my best friends are overweight and wouldnt trade them for anything in the world.

Well said. It looks like some people associate obesity with things that have nothing to do with weight. It' just a health issue, plain and simple. The rest ist speculation, generalisation and in many cases just mean. <br />
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I don't have anything intelligent to say or point to make... I just wanted to somehow communicate some feeble support and respect.