Some People Are Jerks

Some people can be real mean to obese people. Like calling names like fatty or making comments like, "Hey lay off the McDonald's!" 

I mean they are pry trying to help but I think it would be more helpful if they didnt do that.

I mean like if instead of saying, "Get off your fat *BEEP* and exercise you cow!"   They take the person and say, "Hey lets go for a walk." or something like that. 

Far as eating it would be nice if they eat healthy foods and not eat burgers and fries and milk shakes and then point the finger at an obese person and say, "You shouldnt eat fattening foods."

I mean I seen this video they were making fun of this little girl who's morbidly obese. It like they assume the ONLY reason people are that way is because they only eat at McDonald's and never exercise. That isnt true. 

Anyone know what Im getting at?

JesusistheTickler JesusistheTickler
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 13, 2009

i know were ur coming from. you mean instead of insulting them u should maybe do something nice to helo them or just keep it zipped.