The Perpetual Double Standard


 The Obese are frowned upon and made fun of , the anorexic get covers in Vogue and a legion of followers wishing to know the secrets to be that skinny.
Both, the Obese and the Anorexic are people who may benefit from a little help and understanding. I do not understand how the humiliating of one and the denial about the condition of the other are going to be beneficial to either one of them.

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4 Responses Feb 13, 2009

We are a society that loves images. It's all about appearances, from seeming to have a certain personality, to wanting to live in a beautiful home, eating beautifully prepared meals. Of course we'll have a high (impossible) standard of bodily appearance! People fake it in job interviews, and of course turn around and tell each other what size they ought to be.

What I'm saying is, the hypocrisy you've highlighted is perfect proof that "concern" for the obese, and "praise" for the thin are not really about internal qualities: self control, determination, self-respect. Instead, it's all about the looks. Whoever prefers over- or underweight to the other, is not concerned with your well-being. They're concerned about the scrutinizing and critical eyes of complete strangers. The idea that "thinner is healthier" is really just a poorly-veiled excuse to homogenize our image of "perfection" in a reality that contains diverse body types!

Cool cars are made on assembly lines, but your body was hand-crafted by your Maker, so don't let anyone lie and tell you it's dysfunctional or incorrectly formed! Be healthy, and that's your "perfect beach body." Let sticks be sticky, and let the round roll on, that's what I say.

way to go, undercontstruction! i've wondered the same thing time and again myself. why is it that we praise and celebrate one end of the scale and degrade the other? it's pointed out to us every day in society that being obese isn't healthy, and while this is true, where are the advocates reminding us that anorexics aren't healthy either? as someone who's been there, i can tell you that there's nothing healthy about being underweight.<br />
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if society is so concerned about "health," why not approach it from all angles where people might need help, rather than suggest that being unhealthy is ok as long as you're skinny too?

I am thin because I exercise, I eat healthy and most of all, I was blessed with a high metabolism. I always wonder why it is that people think they can make comments about my weight and what I eatwhen they wouldn't comment to someone who is overweight.

Some supposed "adults" never get out of the 6th grade mentality.