Don't Make Fun

I tell my hubby not to make fun of the obese. He's always making disgusting comments when he sees a person who is overweight. I told him not to make fun of the obese because he might be that way one day. Every time I say that he just shrugs and says that if he ever got that way he would kill himself. He also says that if I ever get fat he's gone.

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Marriage isn't just a friendship. It involves a firm commitment.

Speaking personally, I find it impossible to be attracted to someone who's thin, but if I ever married, and my wife lost weight, and became thin, there is no way I would ever leave her, even then. I might not be happy with the relationship, I might feel betrayed, but I would *not* break my marriage vow because of some emotional concern. That just shows weakness of character.

I think you have a dad husband. The fact that he admitted he'd leave you if you turned fat was wrong. A husband should love you no matter what. My parents grew big together when before, they were not so big. Love is love in many forms. I'd be worried a lot of my husband told me that.

i completely agree with all of you. lord knows i've had my body image issues and still do struggle with them, but to think of someone actually KILLING themselves over such a thing? or abandoning their partner because that person has gained weight? that's scary.<br />
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i absolutely hate hearing those comments about obese people too. it literally makes me sick to my stomach to think of the awful things people will say. i'm glad you have the strength and security to put him in his place, though!