I absolutely hate when people overreact, especially when they don't understand the situation completely. I was told to go on this chat app to join a group conversation my friends were having with some other people. Anyways, a girl had come in and was just watching our conversation.. so my friend had blocked her from the room just like everyone else that did the same. Seconds later, one of the individuals was completely overreacting. "She has a disability and you block her from the room?!? You're such a *****" I'm sorry to those of you that have disabilities. It's quite unfortunate as I have a few friends with both mental and physical disabilities. But for someone to yell at another person bringing up stuff, such as disabilities, that have nothing to do with why something happened is outrageous. You fight about how you want everyone treated fairly, yet you request that she gets special treatment as if her inability to walk is why we blocked her. That is so uncalled for.
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Aug 22, 2014