Leave Our Old Folk Alone!!!

Last night my husband and I were tucked up in bed, sleeping peacefully and then and about 12.30am the phone rang. Immediately I had that sinking feeling you get when you know something isn't right. When the phone goes at that time in the morning, you know that the person on the other end isn't after a casual chat. It was my mother in law. She is an extremely vulnerable 77 year old lady and last year, she lost her Husband to cancer. She was in a terrible state, crying hysterically. The reason? Earlier that day she had been woken from her afternoon nap, by a smart talking sales rep knocking at her door. He was representing some kind of energy supplier and had been asking her all kinds of questions and putting pressure on her to change her supplier. My mother in law gets a cheaper deal anyway, because she is an old aged pensioner, living alone. This is not the first time she has been targeted by sales men and last time they managed to get her to sign a form that changed the supplier and cost much more than she was currently paying. It caused a lot of stress and muddle trying to sort it out.
This time we've been lucky. She said she didn't sign anything and she didn't let him into her house, although the experience has still left her feeling very upset and confused. She rang again this morning, still crying and kept on saying she was stupid and that she was a burden to us and that we would be better off without her. Unfortunately my husband was at work. She had spent the entire night worrying about it and stayed up all night crying. She said that the sales rep would not take no for an answer and was really hard to get rid of. It was only seven in the morning when she rang and I was still in bed. She was so distressed, I had to hurriedly get dressed and go and sit with her until she calmed down. I rang her current electricity supplier and told them what happened and that she didn't want to change. They have put a note on her file to that effect, so hopefully if anything does happen following this, my Husband won't have to do all the sorting out that he did last time. I feel really annoyed about this. My mother in law shouldn't be afraid to open her door. She should just be able to say no without full pressure being applied till she ends up in this state. It is scandalous that vulnerable elderly folk are targeted like that and the law should protect them better. Pressure sales men are horrible for anyone to have to deal with but it is unforgivable when it is aimed at elderly, disabled and vulnerable people who cannot stand up for themselves. Leave our old folk alone!
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Thanks, this makes me soo mad!!!

I agree. Those kinds of salespeople are despicable! This should not be the reward for having a long life. I am glad she has her family support because too many of our seniors do not and they end up as easy prey. I believe we get what we give. They have there's coming!