I Know It'S Stupid

But I kind of get offended.
xxcassandra1228xx xxcassandra1228xx 18-21, F 2 Responses Feb 8, 2013

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I think if who ever is saying " that's Gay " doesn't mean anything harmful then the negative attachment isn't there ( and I'm a gay male ). Playful fun and hateful words are totally different.

is only words and anyway i dont think myself as gay i am lesbian and i will not be made part of community defined as 'gay' any more than 'woman' or 'young' or 'clever'. I am person and that person has all these things, sure, but lot more as well. I think i have more in common with heterosexual man than with gay man - at least we both find women attractive! So i dont want to be pushed into this ghetto community cos is easier for others to deal with