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I just received papers to fill out to get a license to grow and use for pain. That is great for me, I have been taking opioid for over 12 yrs now. My Dr decided on Monday the 1st of March 2010 to stop prescribing them to me, he sent me to a specialist to be checked out as to why i am in need of the pain meds. I showed the specialist my medical papers and he must believe me about the pain i have to endure on a daily basis, in order for him to want me to use pot for pain. So now i have the papers i still have to get two pictures of me and fill in the papers send them to Ottawa. This will take  6-8 weeks for me to be allowed to start the growing process. I thought that the Dr's would give me my pain meds until i could have a supply of pot to allow me to smoke for that reason.. "PAIN CONTROL"   I am left here in pain until i can find a Dr to give me a script because my psychiatrist won't do it no more. This is wrong i know, but i can't do anything about it. If anyone would like to help by calling my Dr's Office and leaving a message with the Secretary to show them we have a voice by way of the computer. The phone number is 1-506-444-3336 tell them that they should honor my pain meds until he can get his legal marijuana..    Thanks to all who could help me, I will keep everyone updated when i receive any answers from the Dr's office. I know this will **** him of because like people say we are retarded, lets show these educated imbeciles that that might be true, but we are not stupid. here here lets show these people we have a voice now and it is people who don't even know me direct ally.   THANKS EVERYONE   March 6Th 2010 9:55 eastern standard time Canada........................:)  " Fredericton NB.Canada"

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I am also Canadian and my dad struggles with the same kinda thing you do he just buys pot off of the street though he doesnt even have a doctor u should buy some pot from someone in the mean time because opiods are dumb .. but how could they just cut you off of them thats just cruel I will do my best to call when the office is open for u till then good luck and smoke some weed man i know theres lots of dope in New Brunswick lol