I Hate It

I hate when people twist my words. In real life, online, & especially on this site. It seems to happen quite frequently on this site, unfortunately. I try to be very clear & precise in everything I write on here so that no one will mistake any of the things that I say, but some people overlook the words that I have written & place their own meanings into them. Recently, I recieved numerous comments from the same person on the same story accusing me of bashing him for usng marijuana, all because I said that I don't use it myself & never will. I just told the truth about how being near the smell of it makes me nauseous & gives me migraines, yet he persisted as if I were insulting him & telling him what he should or should not have been doing. All I was doing was giving my reasons for why I don't do it myself & why I don't like it being done around me. Never once in that story did I say anything negative about anyone who chooses to do it, yet he twisted my words as if I were saying just that, even basically accusing me of "flaming" him at one point, when he was the one who was continually posting rude comments to me on my story, not the other way around.

That's just one small example of people misinterpreting what I write on this site. I think that when certain people already have strong issues about a certain subject & they came across any story they see in a group that opposes their opinions on that subject, they immediately make a negative comment, without even reading the persons story. This also happens a lot to me when dealing with the comments I receive about my agoraphobia, social anxiety & possible undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder. People immediately give me the same mundane, unsolicited "advice" that, if they had read my story at all, they would have never said because they would have known that that is not possible for me in my condition.

I like writing stories on this site, but I hate it when people don't read my stories as they are written, but twist my words into meaning what they think I may have meant or what they think I should have said. I say what I mean in these stories, 99% of the time, unless I use a wrong word from time to time. I have a hard time understanding things myself, so I try very hard to make everything I write as clear as possible to anyone who may come across any story that I write. So there is no reason for people to twist my words into things I have not said.

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Hi. I completely understand you right now. Im going through a hard time since yesterday with someone who seems to find different meaning in everything I say. Last nights fight was primarily due to a nerve I touched, and if i think back to what I said, you can totally see how she took it. her ego wont let her back down and as much as i kept saying that it wasn't how i meant it, she would not listen. Then, I just simply apologized because at that point, there is nothing more to do. She has become the love of my life, but when she understand something, there seems to be no room for misinterpretation and i think every single one of us should have a small space for benefit of doubt when in communication as people don't communicate greatly all the time. The saying says you can be responsible for what you say, but never for what other people understand. I guess the saddest part is that trying to convince these people otherwise, just seems to come off as a lame attempt at an apology, when in truth you are sincere. i usually ask people when something comes off weird and once they proceed to explain it, im usually fine with. In short, don't ever go with your perceptions of things...they can be deceiving. If somethings comes out a bit off, ask what people meant before going off on them, Hope your friend grows up because to me, its a sign of immaturity. I hope I get the love of my life back and we can work it out.

Don't worry MOST people that smoke weed are messed up in the head anyway. I don't blame you for not smoking it. Just the smell of it makes me heave, however doesn't mean to say I despise everyone who smokes it, hell even my boyfriend bloody smokes it and I quite the opposite of hate him.<br />
I know what you mean though, I was on Facebook the other day I left a status update about something I had read online about a guy pointing a gun at his missus. Anyway some stupid girl came on my Facebook saying I know it was your BF, and going on about domestic violence. I can prove it wasn't me which this happened to, as we don't even live in the same country (yet). And he and I, was receiving endless inbox messages about how we shouldn't be together all because of this one twisted git!<br />
It's so annoying. And I know how you feel best thing to do is tell these people to do-1 and never respond to them again, I did and now it has died down to maybe one message a week, where as before it was at lease 6/7. Just hang in there I know people can be very bloody annoying!