Especially When They Leave Their Perv Avatar As A Banner

I'd rather not have the perv avatar in my stories, it looks like I'm associated with them. One guy posted three comments and I deleted them in a row, so he did me one better and made a story in my experience with his perv avatar on the front page. I don't care what he does in his spare time, but i don't want his stuff in my face, or my visitors faces. It was about the most anger causing thing that ever happened to me here. Sounds kinda dumb to talk about it now, but it still bugs me (It's still there in my group)...

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Did you just say that I "need a mans crotch photo" in my face to learn something?<br />
I don't think I agree that i need to be exposed to something to know if I like it or not...<br />
<br />
-I know that is not what you said, but, topically, that is what I heard...

Report him get that loser off the website! GOOD LUCK!

ick i'm sorry that happened. Seems that Ep is getting worse about stuff like that. Maybe i'm just noticing it more. But several people who happen to be my friends have had this problem. One friend in particular has raged war against it.

Haha his profile view count might shoot through the roof. He'll think he's really doing something right suddenly. :P lol

Not to worry! Please do post your thoughts ;)<br />
<br />
The image in question is a close up of a pantied man.<br />
I'm not a prude by any means, <br />
but I don't like a mans crotch in my face<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<br />
Now he's famous... not what I intended...

All true, AltSo... but then, just think, these pervs just make most of us sick anyway... if we all block them, only other pervs will see them anyway!

i know where you're coming from, some d*ouche wrote a rape "joke" involving a boy in one of my stories, i've repeatedly sent in complaints..alas it's still up.

"Unfortunately, you do not own groups, only stories."<br />
I've discussed this on here before. No we don't "Own" groups,<br />
But we do get recognition as the "founder".<br />
<br />
A couple of times I've had disagreements with people and they asked <br />
"What do you have to do with this?" <br />
My response has been, "I founded this group". <br />
So here is the crux, when we create a group on a topic that is of interest to us personally, <br />
and then the vandals show up and do their thing, are we powerless to even be aghast at their apparent "trespass"? I don't go to "X" group and espouse my alternate opinion just because "I can". That, I call rude behavior. I can't "stop" others from doing that to me, but I can vocally complain about it when they do. And I will, even more so after this comment. <br />
If I think someone is a pervert, they're a pervert. <br />
I don't suppose I'll worry too much about their feelings, <br />
as they don't seem to care about mine.

wow, i'm sorry that's so long. I had no idea I was rambling quite so much, and it's all just a personal conversation between you and me instead of a direct comment about the story. Sorry about that

I typed up a nice long response and my internet died x(<br />
I'll try to remember what I said. Uhmm<br />
First, you don't have to worry about offending me (in re to the "politely" thing). I mean, sometimes I can't handle excessive confrontation. But you friended me and not the other way around so I trust that your intentions are friendly.<br />
uh.. I hate my sketchy connection haha<br />
Oh yeah, you're right that there are limits to my abilities to be accepting of differences. It's one thing to feel aware that "different" doesn't have to equal "bad," and another to practice it. I'm not perfect about this either, and when something truly upsets you, you can't always control your response. This reply isn't as good at explaining my thinking as the last one was. Agh. Isn't that annoying? <br />
Well, I'm sorry if I bother you. It's the last thing I ever intend to do. I just try to live up to what I believe is virtuous because I feel worse if I don't at least try. But everyone is different and what's virtuous to some is really stupid to others, or maybe what some find easy to do, others just can't handle it because of circumstances. <br />
In specific response to your points, you're right, I would probably react differently to that. I would hope that I could try to understand the hobo's problems and apologize to my grandmother for anything that might have upset her. But in reality I couldn't know for sure what I would do. I think most people would be disturbed a bit by that. Haha<br />
To be fair, though, this isn't exactly the same. It's the internet, and people aren't damaging my property or assaulting my grandmother. They're just talking. I don't mind who they are, as long as they're being polite or at least not being a complete *******. That's me though, and I understand that people are simply upset by things and it bothers them and I don't think there's anything wrong with that either.

I guess I'm with McNinja. I really don't see me as an owner of groups I create. And if I'm looking at your story, I can skip over other ones in a group that don't appeal to me.

That's true... but you wont have to see it.

I can't delete the story he created in my experience.

His comments will disappear. At least you won't see it. Then delete anything from him.

In this case, blocking is like the ostrich sticking it's head in the sand.<br />
I may not see it, but the story is still in my experience group

Again, this is what BLOCK is for. {{{Poof}}} He is gone.

Politely: you attitude seems a bit utopian, <br />
If a bum relieved himself on your front porch, <br />
would you be so accepting of anothers behavior? <br />
And what if your Grandma arrived as he was doing it, <br />
would you continue to excuse his antisocial behavior?

Also, I understand what it's like to be self conscious about the way others perceive you, and worry about people judging you based on who you interact with. I try to avoid letting that affect my choices, but it's impossible not to think about it. For me, anyway. There are likely some people who never even let that cross their mind, but I'm not so well conditioned to not care just yet.

I agree with u lol.<br />
<br />
pervs really irritate me

No, it's not naked...<br />
So it is likely not flaggable,<br />
just disturbing...

I feel lucky that few things honestly bother me. My mind approaches things differently, possibly, because although I'm different from those people I'm rarely bothered by the difference. I just don't usually add people whose profiles are all about sex because that's not what I'm here for.<br />
I'm sorry you have this trouble. There are a lot of people with avatars like that around, and I guess that must make it difficult for you to navigate the site. I'm not being facetious either, I really feel bad for you. I hope things work out for the best :)

The pervs love to disturb normal people. If they showed their weird stuff out in the real world, they'd get punched, or even better, arrested.

sighhhhh, yeah, but I don't really want to be a self righteous censor...<br />
<br />
But the dude's pantied crotch close up _is_ disturbing to me...<br />
More so because others visit and that is what they see...

The best thing to do with a perv like that is to block him. Really. I've had to do it too, for the same reasons you have given here.

Message EPArsineh with the avatar photo and she will remove the photo from his profile. I would be angry too if it happened to me.