Hate Perverted Losers Who Comment On My Stories To!

 I hate it to when you put out your stories for certain areas and ya get these perverted losers making their dumb *** comments! Most of my stories are for WOMEN not the guys on here who think they are something. I am very open and HONEST of who and what I am, that is just me...but it is not meant for the men and their loser comments, and worse when they try and cirlcle me?! I don't think so!! it says right on my profile NO MEN!! if I wanted someone to be a pervert or talk dirty to me....I would ask my boyfriend to do that...don't need some other guy doing i. I just block their *** and that is the end of that!

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Are you sterotyping all men as perverts?

hmmm i dont know i guess im kinda wierd and all but i useually only comment on storys that arent sexual in nature but im sure your closed mind has its reasons

I would like to say that there are a lot of pervs on this sight. but not all of the guys on here are in that category. But it does seem that the only people who seem to comment are the super pervs. I am not in that category I am not a perv and am tired of all of them everywhere.