How we understand and relate. Relationships are normally termed with relatives..those we get those we make..but relationship..that is a connection.we establish..we nurture and make it stand tall like a huge tree..roots deep ..double the height of that magnificent tree..and when we have many such trees..we get a garden..then there are weeds..those who eat and destroy your plants from getting ground...Love is the shower of rain..too much sort of plucks it out..from to build a relationship ..we need to balance our alert..all the time..each word has a meaning and each act has a reaction.
Over rated ..I don't know..but yes..people slip by and forget why we got related..except our siblings..those we have and will be ours..even if we never relate ..but they will be ours just as we are for is good or bad? Should be take them for granted for they are doomed to be with us..related..or should we make some effort to keep it kicking...
Today...we may not value but tommorow we let us save our relationships and try to go green...yes?
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Too bad there's only a "Like" button... there should be a "I really love this!" and be worth 5 points! These things should definitely be kept in mind, as to the nature of relationships. Thank you for your insight. :)

thank you for rating it! 5 points :)))