I Give Up

My best friend is like this. She is the kind of beeotch who gets pissed off when you do something but its okay if she does it. Even little things. For instance, we were in weights class and partnered up for cleans. Earlier, she told me I'm hard to talk to because I'm stubborn.... :-/ .... So, she moves the bar so its comfortable for her then tells me to go first. I told her since she moved it, she should go and I said this CALMLY. Then she gets all pissed and was like SEE?! THIS is what I was talking about.... I simply walked away because If I tried to explain my reasoning, I'D be the *****....
I have turned into a quiet person now. I am not very bothered by it because I'm secretly giggling since I know Karma will get them.
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1 Response Jul 4, 2012

Karma would get them - true they are NOT hurting us, but themselves... They are their own worst enemies... Too bad!