Makes Me Wonder If I Have Done Something Wrong...

I really hate when I am texting someone, and than they stop texting me back it makes me wonder, oh ****, did I say something wrong, or if they are okay, or something along those lines. I just get nervous sometimes that I have done something wrong.

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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Your not the only one to feel that way.Its happened here on ep twice,except i got blocked.I still dont know why i was blocked,i didnt say anything rude to them,i was being nice.So people are wierd like that,it has nothing to do with you.Its best to just forget them and move along.

Iiiiiiick these phones are great but also curses

Me too but I can't complain cuz my phones so messed up I don't get them or they don't get them. FML<br />