I hate when teachers get you in trouble for stuff you didn't do.
So this was our end of year French exam, I'm usually an A+ French student, cause I love languages. So I was like, this is gonna be a breeze. Then in the middle of the test one jack*** decides, I finished early, why don't I I start whistling, of course the teacher heard and she's like, whoever that is stop it now,in the calmest tone possible,like if she didn't even care. So the jack*** decides I'm gonna start whistling again. Then she screams who is that?!? People on the other sides of the class start to laugh and she manages to come all the way over to my desk and says was that you?She didn't even wait for me to answer she just snatched up my paper with like 40 mins left in the test and I ended up failing. I can't even whistle so how in the hell could that be me?
I couldn't go to the principal nor the deputy principal 'cause of course neither of them came to school that day.
So the next day my mom calls the calls the school and my deputy principal is like once the mark doesn't lower his average enough that he repeats the grade don't worry about it.I couldn't even do another test.What kinda **** is that. The only bright side to is that I beat the guy who was whistling. In the test, not physically I don't want any suspensions on my record.
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omg! Tell the principal or anyone with authority over her! She can't just do that

Well, I got a bit upset, when I wrote this post, so excuse my language, I don't usually cuss.

You handled the situation very well. But the teacher was wrong.

That sucks! I had a border line mental French teacher too. She would assign homework right after class was out but I was not there to hear it because I had to go to another class that was in another building. She would get super pissed off when we would say things in the correct accent. Then she told us this cute story of a boy who is waiting for his girlfriend to turn 18 to marry her. And he would be 30 by that time. She was like 14! And I said that's sick. And she told me to shut up and said it's true love. Either she watched to many Disney princess movies or she really messed up in the head. Then she acted like she could fire my dad because I didn't think the same way she did. I was like are you serious? Your just another teacher, you can't fire my dad idiot.