But It's Still Pretty Funny, Even Though Their Farts Are Often Worse Than Those of Humans

One of my best friends had a very old dog years ago. It was a black male Labrador Retriever called Zephyr. It was a sweet dog but it had gotten so old that it had lost a lot of senses. His hearing was still sharp but apparently he had lost all sense of feeling in the butt. One day he was sitting on the kitchen floor panting and drooling and looking at the ceiling with the tounge hanging out the mouth. He was staring away into nothing with the ears hanging down the sides of the head when suddenly he let let out a high pitched fart and a look of great surprise came upon his face. I don't think he was aware that the fart was his own, because he didn't feel it when it came out. He raised his ears and turned his head around the room while looking very puzzled. That was a golden moment :)

Wraither Wraither
22-25, M
Mar 13, 2009