GAH! I just scream and yell and curse when this happens! The connection will just drop or be down for most of the day! And then when I call the company, it's a message that Verizon's is down in my city, but they're working on it! "The reliable network" my behind! :-(

And it always cut out when I'm on Skype with my best buddy or chatting with my Momo! NOT FAIR! When, I'm just browsing the net for silly video clips or anime pics or playing around on FaceBook... it's fine! But as soon as something important happens, where I really need the connection to be there, POOF! Grr! :-/

Well... at least it's not only happening to me. It happens to Philip also. So, I'm not alone in experiencing crappy net service! Heehee! :-D

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Feb 15, 2009