It's annoying! I hate when there is a lag in the net connection! Because I never know if or when it will start moving again. I dread lag, when I am on Skype with my best pal. His image is frozen and I'm not sure if we're still connected! My heart drops and I whimper, "Oh, no!" and then most times, that's when the connection drops, and I yell the "sh" word! :-/

I never know if it's my end or his end that had ended. Yes, I'm writing this sentence badly on purpose! Take from it, what you will! =p

It's my way of getting through this story, without getting angry about the whole thing all over again. My internet connection sucks! And sometimes Philip's connection blows! And it always chooses to do so on Skype days the most. :-o

But for today, it's been very laggy! It took me a while to reply to messages, comments, and change the video on my profile. But the good news, I guess, is that I wasn't kicked offline not once. Whoo-hoo! And so... I guess it's been just as laggy as I have been today. The coffee never kicked in for me too. But as you can tell, I am so silly at the moment. =p

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3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

i feel for you! i absolutely hate those moments when it's lagging, and gives no indication of whether it's going to start up again or if you're just gonna be screwed out of getting a better connection any time soon. especially on skype, that must be REALLY annoying!

Call me Hobo! :)

I have been yelling at my computer tonight. I got kicked-off the internet two or three times already tonight and had to switch off and on again.. takes ages and it really is frustrating.. the computer is not really being slow tonight it just keeps losing the connection.. Very annoying.