My Pet Peeve

I hate when a person squeezes the toothpaste in the middle.  I have a special piece of plastic on the bottom of the tube to keep the paste from getting stranded at the bottom.  I have this one friend that squeezes in the middle all the freaking tme and although this is not a relationship buster I detest it.  He will be using his own toothpaste in the future because he can't be messing mine up.

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6 Responses May 18, 2008

Gosh, that used to drive me crazy too. I mean, toothpaste is supposed to be squeezed from the bottom, and toilet paper is supposed to unroll from the top. The nice part of not having to share my bathroom with anyone is that these things are always as they should be. lol

Sometimes. I know you are right but I get freaked out

O M G I can't take it and if I see it I go get one of the squeezers out of the closet and put it on there. You do not want to be a house guest in my house and me clean up the guest bathroom with it squeezed in the middle.


I hate those plastic containers on my counters. I keep the toothbrushes and the paste in drawers when not in use. LOL

Wow I can't believe how much the toothpaste squeezing bothered me. I just wish I had him back.