If you've seen Jon and Kate plus eight, you've seen a perfect example of this.  Everytime Kate chastises Jon in public, or just anytime since they're on a show that the whole world can see, I cringe.  Here recently I notice that my mom does the same exact thing to her boyfriends.  I get embarrassed for them.  The proper thing to do would be to wait until you are in the car and address any issue you may have.  Or perhaps quietly say it where only your husband/boyfriend can hear you.  Don't scream out in the middle of wal-mart (or any place)!  I wouldn't do that to anyone, but especially not my husband.  Because he is a man and deserves to be treated like one.  Even if he does something that gets on your nerves, you need to privately ask him to stop, don't tell him to "Shut up!" or "Get over here now" or whatever you would tell your child.  I can only imagine how bad that kind of thing hurts someone's self esteem, and when you are treating someone that way, there is only so much they can take.

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I know, that bothers me. <br />
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Also when they make it seem like the husband is this insensitive, self-centered, sports fanatic in EVERY sitcom! Like on Everybody Loves Raymond, when he has to do stuff with the kids he moans and groans.

You're right, I could have worded this differently, like no one should talk down to their spouse, man or woman in public. But the reason I didn't say that is because typically I only witness women behaving this way.

I agree, one should not talk down to anyone especially their spouse..