Friend Or Foe? Only Time Will Tell

 I just went to visit my best friend (for the past 5 years). I hadn't seen her in two years but we constantly are calling each other and talk atleast once a day. We had been planning our visit for about a month and when I got into town, she was supposed to come pick me up. Turns out she was working and she told me to call a cab and that was that. I didn't have the number to a cab and I don't know my way around her town at all... I'm resourceful and I finally got a ride to her work so I could atleast leave the station that I had been waiting at. She was ecstatic to see me but I end up having to wait about three hours for her to go on break so she could give me directions to her home. 

Long story short, every day that I was there to visit her she worked. When she got home, I tried to make plans for us to hang out with some people that we both knew, one being my best guy friend. She made it clearly obvious that she didn't want to hang out with them and every time I asked to see them- she ignored my notions. The one thing that I wanted to do was see this guy friend atleast once during the whole time I was there- she foiled my plans. She wanted to hang out at the bars with all her friends and when I went to her car because I was sick, she left me there. She was only concerned with hanging out with her new friends and she barely even noticed that I was there. I don't know her friends, I have never met her friends, why would I want to hang out in a bar with her friends when she hasn't even introduced me or introduced her friends to me... it was so awkward and horrible. SHE DIDN'T EVEN CARE.


Why do friends have to change. Why can't we just remain friends for forever. WHY DO PEOPLE BECOME EGOTISTICAL SELF-ABSORBED *******? I would never treat her that way. I wouldn't treat a stranger that way. I would treat an enemy that way. I guess she figured we were enemies. Stupid *****.

Lillaen Lillaen
22-25, F
Feb 10, 2009