To be honest I find it superfluous aussies or anybody branding themselves as such behind keyboards attack those who complain or state they hate Australia.

A lot of people hate Australia. These are your fellow aussies who live here. Born here. Schooled here.

And The reply is "don't like it? Go home- aka get out you dickhead" from your local aussie brainwashed nationalistic individual.

I always remember the bumper sticker usually carried by old individuals, lonely old men or women with the sticker stating "don't like it? Get out".

Did you know immigrants are the backbone of Australia? Won't even go into that one. To long an explanation for the sticker bearing aussie. Just note the chinese doctor who works at the hospital saving lives. Or etc etc you get the picture.

But this is what I really take from where the culture is and where it is headed as a whole. We live and let the government dictate our lives. We let them govern us. Forgetting that a democracy is reliant on participation. Forgetting that our minimum wage was set by compassionate complainers.

I have lived in a lot of countries and one thing rings true- there are so many great places to live out there in so many places especially now Asia that you won't belive exist- as small minded aussies tourists going to tourist traps- recently we went to Malaysia with a local nice Chinese man and his family bypassed the local touristy traps and went to get it-the 3rd largest shopping mall in the world- with baseball batting range lots of indoor soccer fields being played at night a floor away from the worlds greatest earthly cuisines and top expensive designer fashion and jewellry and massive cinemas-another shopping mall linked by high speed train going above the city and around it- simply beautiful into a waterfall built into a marble courtyard in a beautiful paris like mall- stunning steel and lighting and glass and just amazing

While we back here in Australia are sitting with shrimps and slapping each other with our tongs stating this is the best Country Inn The world. To attract skilled immigrants who are now leaving us in droves- highest this year.

Means lesser skilled doctors will replace them. Or even worse non at all. Larger waits

But to all this the mentality is leave us. Don't complain. Just leave.

I don't know, but in a lot of the countries I lived and visited the ones that are doing great have open people openly criticizing their own culture. And the great Chinese culture, prior to the British destroying their culture and country back in the 1800's by flooding it with opium because China was the center of the world back then and had silk and tea and all this other goods that the brits so desired but China didn't need or want to trade with the brits so the brits crippled China by flooding it with opium. Which it has just recently rebounded from.

But in the great Chinese culture, I learnt from them this. They improve on criticism. Like the other Asian culture, Japan, Korea, they improve on criticism. Their kids and family if raised to the culture in China prior to the 1800's collapse they reflect and honor family name and tradition. They even hang the family name plaque on the front to symbolize the family, and it is to never be desecrated like their ancestors.

I rather we as aussie learn this and make our own culture as we are young as a people and country.

When people complain, we say this. And this is what I say when people complain about me. I better myself. And in a way hope I better my country. I say to people who complain:

Don't go. Stay and help make it better.

And meanwhile ill take what you say and better myself, my environment, and my Country with it. Because Australia is its people, just like any other, and if I don't make it better one day I myself might have to leave.

Switzerland, a great prosperous country is built with a huge majority of it immigrants.

Just like Switzerland my immigrant parents also built Australia.

And I want to make sure this is a great Country and hope the future people will make this an even better country, continuing to complain like us fair dinkum aussies and demand better of our governments, legislating and also our own involment in keeping ruthless corporations in check while we make complains into compliments. Let's make a better society. Let's make A more intelligent society.

From- A passionate person of Australia and the whole world.
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And believe it or not-the Howard government agreed with the Americans to store 20% of the world's radioactive waste in Australia. Traveling through our roads and ports. Through our main roads. In Melbourne. 2015 next year we are taking in Frances used rods. If fukushima could be extracted.....

And we don't even as a society know or am aware of this issue. Unless the media let's us know of it.

Thank u, this is all I want to say.