Beyond What I Can Handle

Every summer I leave this horrid place to see my dad, then I go to Iowa to see my other family. Then I get to come back here, back to Wyoming. I have one friend here, 6 miles away. We live 20 miles from town and I have yet to be 16, so I am stranded...

Everyone has always told me to "cowboy up" which is retarded. I'm glad they like it here, but this isn't where my life is...

Sometimes, I lay in bed, wide awake all day, just bawling to myself. There's no one who really consoles me when I'm sad about "THAT AGAIN!" I have a blog to help me escape my own life ( but even now it just isn't helping relieve the pain. I'm 15 for Christ's sake! I'm in the part of life where I should be with friends and free to do and be what I want. I have in turn turned to smoking (cigarettes) to calm myself. (either that or just out of plain boredom)

Here is a schedule of my daily life during the school year...

-wake up
-go to school
-come home
-do chores
-get on computer
-go to bed

I need help... please... what can i do? How can I change my life? I can't live like this!
hardlythesame hardlythesame
1 Response Jul 28, 2010

Get a part-time job after school and full time in summers. Save your money at first so you can get your own car. Then..........freedom! That's what I did when I was your age and HATED my life. Everything changes when you get a car (when you live kind of the middle of nowhere). You can save money from your job/jobs and put gas in the car and just go wherever you want to! I hope this helps you. I am old now and yearn for those days when I could do that.