What Is This?

People are so PROUD these days that they feel like that have to ignore a phone call to seem "cool". or not message back because they dont want to seem like they like you. Why can't people stop playing games? you dont seem cool, youre being an ***. And yeah your building up an image for yourself, but sooner or later people like this are gonna fall and have no one to help them back up. But meanwhile there are still people like me. people who are lost and just need one friend to talk to. one friend to hang out with. and one friend who we can trust. is that too much? will you see that its a lot easier to be yourself than to pretend like youre too cool for the world? There would be a lot less pressure if we just got along and saw everyone equally. so what if they dont believe the things you do, or live the life you live, its their one and only life and they should be free to live it without people judging them. they know what they like, not you. So dont try to tell them what to do. You may not support the things that they do but you can accept it. I just wish people would learn to socialize instead of criticize. Don't talk ba dabout people just because they look or act different. how about don't say anything at all. if the truth hurts why say it? you dont have to lie but you dont have to be a jerk. accept people for who they are, and be yourself. thats all im asking. and maybe one day people who are asking for the same thing will be able to spread light to this world.
nnelgc nnelgc
18-21, M
Feb 7, 2011