The Modern Cities Of America

They're all the same. One part is for the rich, another for the poor and one for the people in the middle. Here you don't know your neighbors. They personally don't know you. But they still stare at you and they still judge you. The city is dirty. It is full of cement and steel structures. There is barely any history here. Just a flat land settled by people from all countries. There is barely any culture. I can't wait until I go to Europe. Old historic beautiful buildings, a beautiful landscape, culture, neighbors are all friends and life is just so much more relaxed, not the fast paced always rushed life here. Staying here in these American Suberbs is giving me something like cabin fever. No were interesting to go, nothing interesting to do. 
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1 Response Jun 16, 2011

I just moved to Phoenix, AZ because my husband got a new job here. I am originally from the middle of nowhere in WI. I hate the city, especially this city! Wish we could go back but my husband loves it so I believe I'm stuck here. I see you are young so before you get married make sure your other half wants what you do. I never thought to ask about moving before I got married and I wish I had. I have been to England. It is beautiful and incredibly historical across the pond. Best wishes for your future in travel. You will love every minute of it!