I'm Still Stuck Here!

I moved to Guernsey when I was around four or five (I'm now twenty-two) from a large town in the UK (I don't want to say exactly where for obvious reasons). You may be reading this and thinking how can I remember my home town at that age but I can remember it.

I didn't realise I was leaving this town for a new place until the day my parents placed me in the car and I feel a sleep (not realising my house was empty and I was heading for a new place). When I woke up I was sat on a plane and just went along with what we were doing naturally. But little did I know that I was on a one way trip to a new place (I say that literally due to the fact I’ve never been able to set foot back in my hometown for well over 15 years). When I woke up again I was in completely different surroundings to what I knew.

I used to love the town I lived in. I was really happy, which is one of the reasons I will always hate moving to Guernsey - I don't understand my parent's motive behind moving me. Not long after I moved to Guernsey I stopped eating properly due to upset and shock caused by being here and wanting to go home. As a result of that I became very emaciated. Not only did my parents uproot me from a descant future (where I would’ve learnt loads about the real world) but they uprooted me from the many friends I had and everything I was familiar with. I was four/five year’s old living on a strange seven mile island with just my parents and sister.

I bonded with hardly any children whilst going through school; probably because I looked so alarming, a little boy who was much thinner for his age. My parents seem to think that they’d made the best decision moving me and my sister over here all those years ago.

They’d made the worst decision ever; I had just a miserable time at primary and secondary school and miserable teenage years as I had done prior due to being bullied about my weight and accent. As I grew older I realised how much I hated this place. Everything about the island. The worst thing about Guernsey are the people here. They are the most narrow minded and stuck up people you could ever come across.

When I first moved here, my sister and I had very distinct accents and as a result of that, everyone here thought we were ‘posh bastards’. This only made me realise that anyone different gets bullied and isolated over here. 'Born and bred' is the phrase and seeing as I came from a large town in the UK with a distinct accent I was a prime target for bullying.

On top of the people living here is the fact that your business is everyone's business. I'm sure anyone who lives in a small town will agree it is common. The whole island seems to play part in a huge game of Chinese whispers because everyone knows someone. Over all this time my confidence just hit an all time low, I only, really, socialize with the few friends I truly have and I just go drinking every weekend simply because there is literally nothing else better to do on this island and because it helps me forget my past.
Those two points about why I hate Guernsey (the people and nothing to do) are two personal points. Another reason I hate it here is that it is so under developed and really behind in the times. And the thing is, people over here seem to love the fact it's underdeveloped. How can being under developed attract anybody to come and visit.

Our cinema has four screens, has crap food and seating and the screens are the size of rich man’s televisions. No one wants to watch a new film in a cinema like that! The shops are absolutely sh*t and there is no good entertainment places over here like in the UK.

Anyway, that’s my story.

I just wish I didn't live here. I wish I lived back in my home town which was large and developed and not so full of stuck up people. I haven't met anyone new for ages now. I just want to leave. I hate it so much over here, really don’t know how I’ve lasted this long without doing something terrible.

To any prospective parents, please do not move your child over here. Everyone I know is stuck up, and probably has the highest rate of depression too. Just do best by is what your child please, because they will remember it for the rest of their life (just as well as I did). I will forever ever be so bitter and really ****** up about my parents moving me here and I swear once I get out of here I’m never coming back.
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Hi it's been a while since your post but I hope you have made it off the island. My family moved there in the late 60s when I was 3. Essentially everything you have written, I experienced too. I moved away and returned to the north of England in my 20s and have never looked back or been back. Don't let a small bigoted island define you.

Hey mate you sound in a bad way. Chin up you are grown up now you can move on and the worlds your oyster . If you have a couple of years there yet my advice is to find something to focus on practice it and become the best at it and youcan leave the island with pride.