Montana Is A Nightmare

I was forced to move here from beautiful California with my family when I was 13. Ever since then, live has been a struggle. I'm 25 now, and I'm still struggling to save enough money to get out of the town I'm currently stuck in. The weather is awful; overcast, cloudy, windy and cold most days of the year. Very little diversity and culture. When the young crowd is not suffering from boredom, they are at the local bars drinking, or at home smoking weed. This kind of lifestyle is incredibly wearing and discouraging year after year. Seems like I'll never get out. 
h2oangel23 h2oangel23
3 Responses May 10, 2012

Please leave, you Californians pollute Montana

Oh, you must have moved to a very small town? MSU bozeman is a good school to go to? where do you think you want to go? What do you want to do?

You'll get out. Save up a little money and take the leap. Don't wait!