New York To... Ohio

After five years of the rat race in NYC, I was ready to settle for a full-time job where i didn't have to worry so much about health benefits or retirement. Little did I know what a sacrifice it would be to have to deal with such an extreme lack of culture, super-conservative values, and a food desert.

To be clear, Cincy, Columbus and Cleveland all have at least SOME culture and diversity, but where we are, rural western Ohio, is a nightmare. If you leave the city, ANY city, beware the cultural sacrifices. What a dumb move.
dmatheson dmatheson
3 Responses May 11, 2012

I grew up in Ohio and I wouldn't want to live there either. All white, republican superior views. No culture! You can live on the outskirts of DC in a rural community yet commute to DC for a job. I recommend West Virginia. Culture only 90 min away

I totally understand both of your stories....being from baltimore,md a move to rural ky a few years ago I was in the same boat..the people were very dry,most not friendly to outsiders,and I was bored out of my mind...the closest mall was an hours drive...i was completly depressed....glad to say im back home ..but I can.say it was a life experience ill never forget

I totally agree. I lived in Columbia MD. Too crowded. Moved to smaller communities but its booring. Commuting gives you the best of both worlds.

I grew up in New York, moved away for some years, moved back, left again now I am in Texas. NY is a complex beast....The people are I will say unique.......Once your used to the NY way its hard to live anywhere else. I am not saying its a good thing......I wish actually I didn't feel this way...NY has a pace that is faster then anywhere else. I mean the people as well. You can have three conversations going on with one person at a time and its "normal." If you do that in most other places people think your crazy. To those who are not from New York I get you don't like NY'ers. In theory I don't either but I am ONE.........You can take the person out of NY but not the NY'er out of the person..I miss pizza, bagels, hard rolls with butter at every corner store in the morning and the honesty of the people who will tell you straight to your face when they don't like something.