Broken Down Home

Every day i wake up i see the same black mold on my walls,i hear the neighbors stomping around upstairs, Iwalk into the kitchen to see the stove burner light on even though its not in use it wont shut off. The fridge is broke and theres water everywhere all the time. Today the landlord came in and yelled at us for all these problems and because the walls are crumbling and the lights flicker because the outlets are for **** but its whatever i guess gotta go with what you got and unfortunatly i get to wake up at 5 am to find out if we get evicted or not then head off to school where i dont get home till 7pm because im taking college classes. absolutely hate my home and when people ask why i say "my broken home"
mimiz14 mimiz14
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 25, 2012

You can read my posts. I don't have $ probs exactly but am "house poor". We eat well enough and have good utilities but that's all -- our entertainment is TV, conversations with each other (none of the 3 of us has much contact with anyone but each other except like once every few years.) It's been a luxurious prison for 20 years. Let us know if it's any better for you now.