Arkansas is so boring if I could move I would
DvineSoul DvineSoul
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Me too. Miami.

Miami seriously? lol how could u hate living there it's so beautiful!!

Well its really the whole state. I don't agree with the laws. And its beautiful but the people here ruin it.
No offense to fellow Floridians.

Only to tourists really. It's really scary

Lived here all my life and oh my god, almost everyday I drive home with the soul purpose of getting away from everyone. Its that freaky.

Yeah I know. It's really sketchy haha

I was at work one day in the brickell area and there was a cop walking around holding his gun in his hand. He was just patrolling. I was literally like I'm getting the f out of here.

Yep. Just about sums up Florida. Haha

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