Ugggh I live in a shithole town in Southern California. I hate everything about this place. The people. Ugggh the people!! Sad, economically desperate breed, the lot of them... I moved here years ago with my exhusband b/c they were building new and giving huge yards etc for families. But the economy took it's **** and we divorced and he locked me into this wasteland through the damn, messed up court system during a custody battle over our children. Then the jerk gets up, remarries and leaves to a better city south of us.... Nice. 😑. So for now, until I ever get enough equity to sell my house, I am literally stuck in this hell hole. I hate it everyday and don't even want my kids associating with the people here. I don't shop at night, don't jog/exercise alone, and just hide in our house all the time. It's miserable. Can't go anywhere without seeing a prostitute or a bum. I'm so im sick of it.
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Holy chestnuts, where do you live?

Hey there, that's exactly what's it like where I live, I feel like we share the same hatred for the places we are living in. Sorry about your situation. I know exactly how you're feeling.