I live in wonderful New Jersey. The area is quite populated and it's not hard to find open stores and restaurants, but that's about the only good thing I can say about it. The cost of living here is absolutely outrageous, especially the property taxes. With tolls on the major north-to-south thoroughfares, costs incurred by truck drivers get passed on to stores, which then get passed on to us. In the part of the state I live in, employment opportunities are scarce, so we have to drive long distances in traffic to get to where we need to go. People really don't know how to drive in this state. And speaking of people ... we are known for having some of the rudest people in the world. It doesn't help that I'm already socially withdrawn to being with, but I have a lot of trouble making friends with these people ... and on one of the rare occasions that I did, I got taken advantage of big time. This state is all I've known for my entire life, and I would really miss some people I'm close to if I were to leave, but now more than ever, I think of how much I would love to move somewhere else, where the taxes are lower, there is more opportunity, and the people are nicer.
forestlaw77 forestlaw77
36-40, M
Aug 21, 2014