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I am from a major city in the US and now I live in the most rural area ever, even though it's a capital city.  I hate it here, but my job brought me here and there's not much I can do about it right now.  I am so miserable that I want to die and it's hard to get anything done at work.  When I talk to my friends in different cities and they complain about being stuck in traffic or having to go to the crowded mall to get something, I get depressed and mad because it would mean SO MUCH to me to be stuck in traffic again!  I miss the feeling of being surrounded by people and having places to go.  I miss 8 lane highways and traffic on sunday because it means that things are going on and people are doing stuff.  My friends get extremely frustrated that this is all I ever seem to talk about and that I always redirect conversations when they comment on their surroundings.   Is this bad or do you guys sort of understand what I'm feeling?  No one understands and I feel so alone with these feelings and now I'm isolating my friends.  

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I just replied to another story about someone hating their location, also due to a job relo. I am unemployed so that's not the cause of why I'm unhappy here. There's more about it on my profile and that other reply. I don't like driving because of the danger and stress but I know what it's like to be frustrated because you're so severely misplaced and you're lucky to find one characteristic about the place that you enjoy or are even neutral about. As with you, I'm suck in a place where I hardly come in contact with anything exciting, other than things that are small or temporary. I am in a city but it's not a place I can thrive in. I too talk only about how I hate it here. My family has told me to stop already. My aunt is the only other person I complain to. She is devoutly religious and I know this is what keeps her from reacting negatively to me.

If there is any way to get out of there, get out! You sound even worse than I am and seem to have nothing to look forward to. At least I can see a way out of where I am and I can see approximately when. You sound very stressed out and it sounds like you could soon "lose it". I have talked with therapists and it's really helped me. Don't know if it could help you. You have only one life and you don't want it shortened by stress caused by your frustration. Good luck!

.. found your post almost 3 years after you wrote it, wondering how it turned out. I can relate, moved from Los Angeles to northern california for work and grad school, and job opportunities for my wife, and I'm losing my mind. I never thought I would miss LA traffic, but I want to be stuck on the 405 fwy right now... I know, insane. Not sure why people in northern california seem to think it's the best place on earth to live, and that LA is nothing but a pile of garbage... Um, have you walked through San Francisco lately?

I hate where I live and wouldn't mind moving to another small town or anywhere if I could just get out. I'm stuck because I bought my house right before the bottom fell out and now owe more than it's worth, so it doesn't matter. I live in a small southern town where every frigging body knows everyone's business and they're snotty, catty, and sanctimonious. I just want OUT. If I don't get out of here soon, well, I just don't think I can deal with this abysmal town much longer.

I know exactly how you all feel. I can't tell you how nice it is to know that there are many other people who feel the same way about where they live. South Carolina has got to be the worst state there is. This place is a pit of hell.

Whoa!!!!,Exact same situation for me.I grew up in a major city on the east coast,but was transferred by my company to a state in the south.I live in a small town,absolutly nothing to do.The mall is 45 minutes away.and yes,when i talk to family or friends back home,and here the noise of the city in the backround,i get very very depressed,Bad part is now,my company laid me off 6 monthes ago.and there is literally no work anywhere even close to here.I absolutly hate it.

Wow I can't believe it! I really thought I was alone. I thought I was the only one missing where they are from and feeling like all the differences are so horrible! I can't stop the thoughts and feelings if I tried because the things I hate are there everyday. The people are different, the weather is different, the radio stations are horrible, everything closes early, etc... And when I lived in Philly the beach was so close! I love the beach. I'm so sorry you have to live in a rural area. They probably have 5 country music stations and one pop and one rock station where you are. They probably definitely don't have a rap station if they don't even have one in Pittsburgh. You probably feel like you are losing your freedom because you don't have the ability to do what you want! You want to go out and do fun things but the stuff just isn't there! If you need to talk, I'd like that because I know what's it's like not having people in your life who relate to this. Good luck!

This is exactly how my life is right now. I completely understand you.

I feel you!!!! I can't stand rural life either. I long for a city and for a life again. I'm bored out of my mind! if you want you can ready my story.

Well you have EP....But I think that you should do something to keep your mind off of it...take up a hobby...Learn to sew....Paint...whittle....carve.....Read...Write a book...<br />
<br />
Just do something....Do not just sit there and stew

cuz i can't go back cuz of my job. i'm in a 7 year contract and it's a pretty specific job that is not easy to come by. it would be very difficult to transfer, but i will try. if possible, it wouldn't happen for another few years or so. and no, not MT.