I Hate It All.

I hate my room; its a cardboard room; it traps me like a box. I hate that I have a bigger room than my brother and sister who share. I hate that I don't want to swap with them.

I hate my house. It is all sharp edges and corners. It has no character. It is too modern.

I hate my school. I hate pretending to get on with people I dislike. I hate that I have nothing in common with my friends. I hate the boring, endless cycle that is my school. I hate the tons of homework being piled on me until I go crazy.

I hate the island. I hate that winter here lasts from October to April. I hate that winter here consists of grey skies, rain, high winds and the occasional thunderstorm. I hate that it is beyond freezing here. I hate that I am completely dependant on the ferry.

I hate that I can't get away from here without Maths,which I don't understand. I hate that my dream might not come true.

But...the thing is, that I don't hate these things when the weather is nice and warm. I have my wish for summer to keep me going.

Bowmanel9994 Bowmanel9994
Mar 25, 2009