Too Much Whining

Some people have a reason to whine, but too much whining gets me angry and frustrated to the point that the whiner complains that I'm never nice to them. In fact they wonder why nobody likes them. But other than that, a certain whiner I know has a has a reason to whine, I guess. Her life was sh*t, she tries helping people, who in turn don't try to help themselves and somehow dislike her, she can't trust her own family because they're deceitful and they live far away, so she has no company(except me), plus she's fighting prediabetes and her joints ache a lot. Despite her old age, she spends all her time constantly improving herself. Her goal is to focus more on herself after all the lies and losses she's been through. Completing college, buying new clothes, going for morning walks, etc... That's good. But because I'm the only one around she can confide in, it just tires me out. All that negative energy just accumulates and i feel like I'm being blamed for her toubles. A little under nineteen years of dealing with it, since I am the only family member she trusts, and I feel like telling her to put a sock in it. The last few months, she has held back out of consideration, but I am slowly dying under the pressure so I can't always keep a positive mood even when she needs it.

For some reason, I couldn't get into the I Blame Myself For Things Gone Wrong section, so I posted this here. I wanted to release those (nearly) nineteen years of stress from listening to her. I don't mind listening, though. Her life really is hard and worrying, I just felt overwhelmed this time and needed to get all the tension out. Thank you for reading.
goagainsttheflow goagainsttheflow
22-25, F
Jan 17, 2013