Im Kinda Failing At Love Right Now

I've been going to this school for two years, and there are so many rumors about me that i cant get them all straigt. there are people who look beyond all of the bullshit around me and have tried to actually be friends with me.

One of those people was a friend of mine that was seeing a guy thats flat out not right for her, and i've been trying to tell her that and she agreed with me. A couple of weeks ago she broke up with him and i tried getting with her, and she led me along like a little puppy and kept telling me that she had to think about it, and kissing me.

Now i know girls love doing that to guys, but she was always acting flirty and being a great friend, so i honestly thought that we had a shot of being together, but about 3 weeks she told me that once she got her grades and school work together she would date me. Well after exams she had gotten some of the best scores in the school right after telling me that she was doing horribly in all of her classes. That was my first thought that she was lying to me, but i let it go and forgot about it because i wanted to be with her. last week she got back with him told me that she had gotten everything in her classes caught up and that i never had a chance with her. She also told me that i was far too overbearing and i was always lying to her, but i was nothing more than truthful and nice to her.

I just feel that there is no more hope for me as far as love goes, i'm socially bankrupt, and mentally screwed up. I just dont know what i should do

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Its alright mate, you'll get past school. Just keep on swimming. You learn to deal with this **** through experience.

Actually she sounds mildly abusive and manipulative. I had a friend like that once myself, and like you, I trusted her and tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. it took me forever to realise how much she was just playing me. I know it sucks, but I really think no one deserves to be treated that way, and that you probably deserve better.

You're more than welcome :)

thnx, you are one of the few actuakky being there for me X3

My friend, please don't measure your value by what someone else says or does. You've been sincere and kind, but unfortunately some people will not appreciate the precious gift you are offering them. That isn't your fault. You may have to hold your emotions a little closer to your heart. You can still offer friendship to people, but give it time to see if they are being genuine with you in return. You deserve that. People who will value what you are offering may seem few and far between, but it's worth it to be patient so you'll know that your friendship and trust will be valued as you value theirs.