Wife Makes Me Miserable

I married an enemy.   I thought she was so beautiful that I could not let her go.  Big **** and a pretty face lured me in.  She was always nagging me about we do not have enough and how dare I leave the kids without a new computer.  I have 2 kids with her and adopted her child from a previous failed marriage.  Did she thank me for that?  No. She made it seem like it was my responsibility.  She then proceeded to get lasic surgery and all types of other things on my dime.  Did she ever say thanks?  No.

Recently she managed to get a baseless Military Protective Order against me to keep me out of the house that is designed for me.  My command told me that she was really angry so they let the oder extend for 60 freaking days.  She complains of lack of support, but all my pay checks were going directly into her account.  I created a budget that became basically a paper weight, because she did not think it was important.  She has never worked since she met me, but I have never made enough and done enough for her.  She thinks anyone can do what I do. 

I have hung around exclusively for my wonderful children, but she is like poison.  She has stabbed me, spit in my face, yelled at me, ruined every "special" ocassion", and accused me of everything going wrong in her life.  I am now living with friends until the order is lifted.  I am disgruntled and have finally seen the light.  8 years is enough.
31-35, M
3 Responses Oct 23, 2010

Sorry to hear about what happened to you, its best that you move out of this relationship asap.

You put up with allot it sounds like. Makes me feel a bit better for my loveless marriage but I am only 4 years deep yet. I have no good advise for you. I tried to think of something.

Wait, sorry... You married a woman because she has big **** and a pretty face? That's beyond idiotic. If that was what you married her for, maybe you deserve what you're getting now. That is a ridiculous reason to decide to spend the rest of your life with someone.

I'm sure it was more then that, sometimes when you putting things in text its hard to say the whole truth