I have lived in Ontario all my life, and get dumped with a pile of snow every winter, and it's COLD! I am so very ready to move to a warmer climate. If only it were that easy though.

I just got back from my first vacation in many years, and even though I knew being in the sun by the ocean for a week was going to be nice, I didn't realize how blissful it would be.

Physically, I felt better. I was happier. My skin within a day was no longer dry. My daughter's asthma was better.

Emotionally, I felt great. Being by the ocean every day for several hours a day actually brought me some inner peace. I loved it.

Within hours of returning to Canada, my skin dried up, my hair was flat, and I felt like crap again. Yay winter.

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Most of all I hate the way we full-time workers only see daylight at the weekends in the Winter

I know what you mean I live in Ontario too and it gets freaking cold, I cannot wait fo spring to come the sooner the better. I wish it was easiet to move south, Canada needs to buy a Carribean island so it would be easier to move to the sunshine.

I feel ya! I used to live in Rochester, NY, on Lake Ontario. Talk about lake effect snow! Everyday, sunny or cloudy, always this drizzle of snow coming down. And the wind would swirl it around the yard, and around the corner of my garage, and pile it up --- right in my driveway! And those blue northers blowing in across the Great Lakes, whoa! I hope I never have to live in a cold place like that again!