Winter Woes

I know that it’s late November in PA.  I understand what that means:  the weather is getting cold.  I want to pack up and move somewhere warm.  It’s the edge of depression talking now.  All I can think about is frozen toes and icy fingers and shoveling snow that will be here in a matter of weeks.  I wish I could fly south for the winter like a bird or drive south like my grandparents who hide in Florida from December to April.  No snow for them. 

When it is 90 degrees outside, I like to go to the indoor rink and ice skate but when it’s cold enough for the lake to freeze, I stare at it resentfully from my place by the fire and glare at my ice skates hanging on their hook.  I like winter sports just fine, as long as I have the option of being warm when I want to. 

I am prepared this year as always.  I have my flu shot.  I’ll sanitize my desk and my mouse, the doorknobs and the light switches.  Still, I’ll get sick and my nose will run and my temperature will spike and probably, I’ll get a stomach bug that makes me vomit for days. 

What is winter to me?  Sickness.  Cold.  Shoveling snow with frozen fingers.  Car skidding on ice.  Ice on the ground and in my heart. 

Eldra Eldra
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2006

I hear you !!! I live in W. Michigan and have lived here all my life. I LOVE the summer when I can be out working(playing?) in my garden, but then winter comes and the garden is asleep and I wish I could just be like a frog and just crawl under the mud and be dormant until about May. That's how much I hate winter!!