Snow & Cold Sucks!

I hate the cold and snow.  I've lived where it does these for 30 years and have never got used to it.  It also depresses me more than Spring, Summer, and Fall.  I've thought of moving back to where I was raised.  But damn!, the cost of living has gone up so much, that I don't even dare!!!

I don't like being cold, and I can't wear enough clothes to be warm and comfortable at the same time.

silvermystics silvermystics
51-55, F
1 Response May 29, 2007

I hear ya!!! I live WAY out in the country ,which I love, but in winter it can feel pretty isolated when it storms and we're snowed in for days waiting for the plows to come through so I can get to work. I tell myself that winter would be O.K. if I did'nt ever have to go out but I have a feeling that being stuck in the house ALL the time would be no picnic either. I miss my garden, I miss the sun, I miss being able to just go somewhere without spending an hour shovelling and cleaning off the car and getting it warmed up and putting on la<x>yer after la<x>yer of clothing.