He is annoying he thinks he's all tough well Hes a 12 year old behind his keyboard.
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Lol 12 yr old vs. a bunch of pissed off wolves, who does he think will win? Him? Not likely

It's funny Sam blocked me too. If he's not a hunter then why would he block me?.

**** off sam

A 12 years old wolf hunter? Grrrr I want to rip his throat out, I want to kill all wolfhunters, to protect my Wolf family


12 year old hunters yes

And what are you gonna do?

Why are you mad?


oh.... well good thing I'm a werewolf :3


humans.... they simply choose to believe that we don't exist.

And they also think we kill every time we see a human.

ya humans are stupid we can be nice and loving but now human: werewolf! RUN IT WANTS TO EAT ME. Me: What the heck?

Loll they treat alphas ( like me) with no respect... Were more hunted

I know tht way I can claw his throat out until I smell blood,but a 12yr old hunter?Wow I might faint of how stupid tht is! :D

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I know right. I saw the replies he had posted on your one story. that little boy makes me laugh

He thinks he's soo tough NOT! I'm an alpha I can take him

you wouldnt even have to take him, he is probably some 12 year old nerd sitting behind a desk wishing he could be one of us and with one look at him he would shyt his eye balls out. haha

Ha loll ik he's worthless

He would like to be looked upon on... I can sense that he is a fake hunter, but I do sense innocence also, he is probably a kid, as you say...

yup just like them all lol


I have actually seen the true side of him..not a hunter at all...

He's such a faker!

Damn, i want revenge. i am sick of humans trying to destroy everything they ccant understand or something that is stronger than them. why shouldnt we destroy them because to be honest i dont understand the things they do. i know some humans are actually ok but its not right what they did to our ancestors.

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