I Will Hurt Her

My husband and I recently separated and he is on dating sites. I hacked it and saw a message from some woman talking about coming to see my husband while my baby is here."It's not like she will know who I am since she can't talk anyways." Is what this ***** wrote. She must not know me cause no other woman who is the other woman will ever meet my child so I will just have to keep my daughter for supervised visits with her dad from here on out. Thanks you stupid other woman, who knows you are the other woman b/c your words have cost my daughter and her dad the time they need together alone...
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Lol... Other woman/women don't owe you anything, your husband does... Other women did not force your husband to join dating sites,did they? So, watch him. There are millions women outwhere, are you going to hurt all of them? You have no idea what your husband told to her,have you? They usually tell a pack of lies,like they are separated and going to divorce soon, so they are nearly free to date... Do not expect that strangers will care about your marriage, they have their own problems and interests... Good luck!

I DO NOT care who he dates cause he will just victimize her as well as he did me and the women will eventually learn the truth about him. On the other hand, yes I do know what their conversation said and when a woman says,"It's not like she will know who the fudge I am." talking about my daughter then yes I will hurt her if she gets around my child since she obviously knows the situation and doesn't care enough to be patient and wait for my child to leave. My lil girl don't need that in her life when divorce is already hard enough for her.

Look, it is still nothing to do with the other woman... Your HUSBAND invites her... It is HIM, who is not patient... The other women will suffer as a result of their possible relationship with your husband, as I see unfortunately not a very good choice... You can not punish strangers and if you will try to do it , it can result with more complications for you and unfortunately for your little girl... Your husband can use the situation against you, for instance report you to social service and claim that you are unfit as a mother... So,please, be careful... You certainly need to protect your daughter, but do it wisely... Don't let your husband know, that you hacked his account. Copy his messages somewhere safe, maybe print them or screen short and send to yourself... It will help you to watch your husband and build divorce case if you going to separate... Good luck! Hopefully you will meet very nice man one day and thoughts about other women will never ever bother you again!

I understand why you'd be upset at the other women. Its one thing for her to not know of the situation but she does know. As a women she should stay away from your child. Hope it gets better!


I dont see how he would ever report me lol. He is a drug addict and I have audio recording to back my info

They should at least care about the kids. The kids should be the most important. Their happiness is the most important.

Who "they"? Other women?

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