Compound Open Tib Fib

January 4, 2007, my life changed forever. I missed the last step on the set of stairs I went up and down 10 times a day for the previous 13 years. I heard the pop and felt the pain. I have felt the pain most of the time since that day. Over the last year the condition of my leg has deteriorated. Bone scans show an issue just above the fracture site. It has now been one month since a surgery has been recommended to remove my hardware, readjust the the position of the bone and biopsy the area in question. I am trapped in fee negotiation status. I honestly feel that whoever is arguing about not paying for this surgery should get a sledge hammer to the shin a couple of times a day. I am almost to the point of not being able to go to work anymore. I have venom dripping from my pour over the hatred I feel for these people. My patience was lost long ago.
Amala82962 Amala82962
46-50, F
Mar 30, 2012