My Life Is Upside Down

I hate wcb because all they did is hurt me and beat me up with there system. I had 3000lbs of concrete dropped on me by a crane operater and have a head injury with a limp and a marriage that is very hard to understand because I can't. My life is upside down and getting worse. I live in fear that there going to take away my pain killers which they already done. It took me a year to beat them in court. I did nothing wrong and I'm in the wrong on everything. Your guilty till proven innacent. I bet there's people on here that work for wcb to spie on us so watch what you say. I have a file about 9000 pages long and I'm a narsitic nut bar alcholic drug addict. That's what they say. When are we going to be treated with respect instead of being a pain because they have to pay me because it's law. My life was so much easier when I never cared and just lived the way I wanted to. Now I'm married and my wife is being strange. I need to find someway to find a way of a normal life. It seems like if your hurt bad you have to hang out with the same. Wcb treated me like a big loser. I get hurt by someone else's mistake and I get the whip. My life has been nothing but fighting for my rights and looking things up that they don't tell you unless you find out yourself. I'm sick of being ripped off and I'm sick of being treated like I'm just a fucken number with out a name. I have the second worse worker in Edmonton so my life is always on gaurd. I give up. Living is not fun anymore. Wcb is full of thiefs and people that just don't care and would take a wheelchair away to save money so they get bonuses. It's true to work there you have to sell your soul. I understand why people rush the building with guns to prove a point. There just people that lost there minds and it will happen to all that get hurt to bad from them. **** wcb and all who work there and have a ****** Christmas and a real bad new year. All I ask for Christmas is my worker get or go through what Ive been through. Merry Christmas to all that are Hurt and keep fighting them losers at wcb and fight them hard.
Spicolee Spicolee
Dec 8, 2012