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For some reason when i first started to work night i was able to sleep during the that i have been working nights for over a year you would think i would get use to sleeping days but the opposite has happened...I cant really sleep at all..I have tried everything i can think of to get myself to sleep during the day nothing has helped...
I have blacked out my windows
I have tried sleeping pills
I have tried herbal tea
I have tried working out
I have tried going straight to bed when I get done with work
I have tried winding down after work
I have tried drinking
I have tried not eating
I have tried eating...
The thing the really stinks about all of this is I am tired..I am exhausted yet I can not sleep...
Maybe one of these days I will find a day job that pays as well as a night job...
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

UGGH. I worked third shift for 3 years (will never do that again) and I ahd the same problem. I could sleep like a baby at first then about a year into it I had the most horrible time sleeping and I tried everything. The one thing that worked for me too was reading my accounting book. OMG that put me to sleep in about 10 minutes

I know the feeling. I worked a delivery job from 3a to 6a daily until last xmas. I've also worked second shift that extended into the wee hours for the last year... I back on first shift again. And I love it. Hang in there, something better will come along.

I worked nights for many years, and at first it was hard to adjust to it (now that I work days, I find on my off time I go back to being a night owl.

What worked for me . . . establish a routine and stick with it . . . When you get home, do something to unwind like relax with some dumb morning tv show in the background and browse through the newspaper while having a snack. After about a half hour, go to your bed, turn a fan on you and lay down in the darkened bedroom. If you tense about falling asleep, let your mind tell your body that your intention is to REST, not necessarily sleep . . . Clear your mind--don't mess with your phone or computer--leave the TV off. Just the fan and your bed and a peaceful state of mind. Make this a habit and it will be easier every day to train yourself to sleep during the day.

I did try reading before bed and it worked thank you!!